Welcome to the web site of Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel at Howard University. As the center of religious life in the University since its inception in 1894, we celebrate the Chapel’s enduring legacy of developing spiritually grounded leaders for America and the global community.


Each week the Chapel hosts distinguished orators who speak during non-denominational worship services. We encourage you to join us for Chapel services on Sunday mornings at 11:00 during the regular academic year. You may access the schedule of Chapel speakers from this site.

An on-line tour of the Chapel places you virtually inside the walls of this historic building that has been the setting for worship, rituals and other special services, as well as artistic performances, scholarly discourses, and religious activities for the wider community.

Time has affirmed that what happens at Howard University has implications for the nation and the global community. As you explore our history and current activities we hope that you will share our excitement about the broad network of campus ministries and Chapel programs. Through a growing presence of diversity on our campus, we are working to promote interfaith dialogue and cooperation that develops leaders with a deepened understanding and respect for diverse faiths and cultures.

Through the Spiritual and Ethical Dimensions of Leadership Initiative [SEDL] the Chapel helps students to discover and test their sense of call. Thanks to a grant from The Lilly Endowment Inc., we are able to offer programs that nurture students in the exploration of their gifts and calling. SEDL helps them to become spiritually sensitive and effective leaders in religious and secular vocations, including ordained ministry.

If you are a Howard student who shares our enthusiasm about discovering your calling, exploring your faith, serving others, or are looking for opportunities to get involved, we invite you to visit the Chapel. Take a few moments to look at our annual publication, “At the Heart of the Mecca Magazine 2010.” This magazine will introduce you to Chapel staff, programs and religious life at Howard University.

The Mission of Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel

Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel is the center of religious life at Howard University, dedicated to fulfilling the spiritual and religious needs of the students, faculty and administration. Born of a legacy that embraces the oneness of spirit of humankind while affirming denominational integrity, Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel seeks to provide religious instruction and activities that enhance the spiritual health and leadership abilities of the students at Howard University.