ACADEMIC OFFERINGS provide opportunities for undergraduate students to pursue their interests in religion and spirituality through a structured educational environment and curriculum.

Academic Programs

As the Chapel and the University community work together in this area, awareness of SEDL is greatly enhanced, fostering continued discussion and exploration of vocation.

Courses in Religion are conducted through undergraduate survey courses in the Literature of the Old Testament and the Literature of the New Testament. Utilizing aspects of Higher Criticism to analyze selected texts, allied literature, and their historical and sociological contexts students explore discrete faith claims, community concerns and mandates for ministry.

Calls for Papers on Spirituality (coming) will be a collection of essays and meditations from various schools and colleges within the University. This published collection will promote critical examination and reflection in vocational discernment.

“The SEDL Initiative draws upon the strength of the University as a whole, encouraging students to explore ministry as a vocational option and to pursue continued spiritual development in every aspect of their lives.”

- Dr.Bernard L. Richardson, Dean of the Chapel