“The SEDL Initiative draws upon the strength of the University as a whole, encouraging students to explore ministry as a vocational option and to pursue continued spiritual development in every aspect of their lives.”
Dr. Bernard L. Richardson, Dean of the Chapel

Spiritual and Ethical Dimensions
of Leadership Initiative

The Spiritual and Ethical Dimensions of Leadership Initiative (SEDL) was formed as a partnership between Howard University and the Lilly Endowment, Inc. to engage students and the broader Howard University (HU) community to explore the meeting place of spirituality, ethics and call. Howard University received a $1.98M grant from the Lilly Endowment to fund this university-wide initiative. Administered by the Chapel, the diverse array of SEDL programs is promoting discussion and reflection on deep issues of spirituality, purpose and service.

SEDL (1) assists students in examining how faith commitments relate to vocational choices; (2) creates opportunities for the consideration of ministry as a possible vocation; and (3) enhances the capacity of the schools faculty and staff to teach and mentor students effectively in this arena. Through this we expect students, faculty, staff, administrators and the surrounding community to gain clarity and confidence about their purpose, vocation and spirituality. As the University motto expresses the need for transformational leadership and leadership for a global community, SEDL is forming into a network of programs and opportunities that help to develop students into leaders who understand and respond to the ethical imperatives of justice and service.