Cult Awareness


Some groups on university campuses throughout the country profess a religious focus, but have potentially dangerous practices and influence. These groups and individuals will often target new students because they have not yet become fully acclimated to the environment or established healthy friendships and associations. These groups promote their agendas on campus although they are not recognized by either Howard University or the Office of the Dean of the Chapel. Some of these groups can be identified as cults. They are generally dishonest about their true identity and their agenda. They aggressively recruit and, in some unfortunate cases, harass students, particularly newcomers to campus.

Characteristics of destructive religious groups

Who is vulnerable?

When am I most vulnerable?

By whom?

Signs of Trouble

Your response

If you believe that you are being recruited or harassed by a group you think might be a cult or if you’re concerned about a friend-contact the Office of the Dean of the Chapel. The Office of the Dean of the Chapel is here to help you have a healthy, positive experience of your own spiritual journey while you are here at Howard University.

Further assistance

Contact the Office of the Dean of the Chapel for spiritual support and guidance. We look forward to being part of your spiritual journey.