Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel welcomes persons of all ages, backgrounds, and faith traditions to be inspired, enlightened, and comforted through diverse worship services during the academic year.

Chapel Services

Rankin Chapel serves as the setting for mighty preaching, glorious music, and perceptive scholarly discourse; for quiet prayer and heartfelt reflection for marriages, funerals, and other rituals of the human experience.

Rankin Chapel continues to serve as the spiritual haven for the vast number of students who leave the safety of home to enter the different world of college. The Chapel serves to ease the pain of transition and provides a community of worship for displaced worshipers.

Special Services

Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel presents special worship services to commemorate important dates in the liturgical year, particularly the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday and Holy Week services. Additionally, weddings, funerals and memorial services are held in the sanctuaries of Rankin and Dunbarton Chapels when possible. Usage of the Chapel facilities for any purpose must be approved and scheduled by the Office of the Dean of the Chapel.


Monetary gifts for the purchase of Sunday floral arrangements are welcomed in honor or memory of loved ones and special events. The arrangement can be obtained at the end of Chapel worship services by the person(s) making the gift.