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Roman Catholic/ Newman Club


"Live what you believe."


Deacon Joseph Bell
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Thursday 7:00PM to 9:00PM
Weekly Meetings
Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel
Washington, DC 20059
United States
Meetings held in the Lower Level of the Chapel.
Sunday 11:00AM
Sunday Mass
Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel
Washington, DC 20059
United States
Mass service is held in the main sanctuary of the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel. Email us to make sure that we are not attending mass off-campus.

The HU Catholic Newman Club serves as a space for Catholic and non-Catholic members of the Howard community to attend mass and bible study meetings weekly. We offer the opportunity for members to grow in their faith, explore how their face fits into their life as a college student, and learn more about Catholicism. Meetings, retreats, and off-campus gatherings are a chance for members to fellowship. 

Becoming a member of HU Catholic Newman Club is as easy as signing up with your email and ID number to be added to our roster. You can contact us during meetings, following weekly mass, or via email at


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