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Guidance and Support

Counseling and Spiritual Direction

This includes ongoing spiritual assessment, coaching and advising for students.

Graduate Assistantships

These assistantships provide hands-on experience for growing servant-leaders and teach mentorship and apprenticeship for students involved in this exploration process. Applictions will be made available annually, during the Spring semester.

Emergency Financial Aid

The Office of the Dean of the Chapel provides emergency Financial Aid for students under extreme duress. Please contact our office directly for more information.

Artishia and Frederick Jordan Scholarship

Howard University, through the Office of the Dean of the Chapel, is pleased to announce the availability of a scholarship, made possible through the Artishia and Frederick Jordan Scholarship Fund.

This scholarship is designed to encourage undergraduate students who are a part of campus religious life to gain support and assistance as they think critically about the intersection of faith, culture, and career. It is intended to provide: 

  • Financial aid that will support the student’s ongoing enrollment, 
  • Substantive opportunities for faith application through the work of the Chapel, and 
  • Supportive dialogue that will strengthen the student’s application of faith within academic, professional and global contexts. 

Students selected for the scholarship will be promising undergraduate students who reflect the ongoing purpose and mission of the Artishia and Frederick Jordan Scholarship Fund, which includes academic potential, good character and community service.

Established in 1976 by Bishop Frederick Douglass Jordan in memory of his wife, a Howard alumnae Artishia Jordan, the scholarship has been awarded to over 1,000 students since 1976. Bishop and Mrs. Jordan both attended Howard University and were active members of student life in the early 1920s. They each demonstrated a firm commitment to education through graduate studies and Bishop Jordan served as the president of Western College and Campbell College. 

Bishop Frederick Jordan’s passion is partially captured in his statement published in the AME Review (1987). 

“If you have yet to discover what really challenges your inner being and sets your whole soul a-tingling; find a quiet place and there unburden yourself before the presence of God and wait.—Wait until the insistent demands of the flesh are stilled; Wait until the chilling fears of our competitive material-minded society are quieted; Wait until the ambitions of parents and friends have passed under the scrutiny of a Sovereign God; Wait until the shadows of doubt and uncertainty yield to the clear light of divine purpose—Wait for that one clear call—God’s call for your life.” 

It is with this charge that eight scholarships which each total one full semester’s tuition (not including fees) will be awarded annually to undergraduate students at Howard University based on the following: 

  • Involvement in religious life. Students who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to faith exploration on the Howard University campus and have demonstrated this through involvement or participation in Chapel-sponsored programs and initiatives and/or recognized student organizations in religious life are the focus of scholarship efforts. 
  • Academic excellence. Undergraduate students of at least sophomore standing who demonstrate academic performance through a cumulative 3.0 GPA will be deemed eligible for a scholarship and receive full consideration due to their academic standing. 
  • Financial need. Students with demonstrated financial need will receive additional consideration in recognition of the need to support the academic success of promising students who lack the financial means to ensure the continuance of their education. 

Scholarship recipients will benefit from participation in various areas of faith development that include: 

  • Discernment groups and programs; 
  • Exploration of faith and spirituality; 
  • Exploration of interfaith realities within a global context; 
  • Service learning initiatives; 
  • Vocational development and discernment within the context of the student’s discipline. 

Ultimately, it is expected that scholarship recipients will emerge as leaders in discussions of faith and vocation on the Howard University campus and gain tools and insights that will strengthen their faith and leadership throughout life. 

Previous Jordan Scholars are listed at the Jordan Scholarship website: