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Belle Glade, Florida

Social Justice Through Youth Empowerment and Self Sustainability

  • Social Justice
  • Sustainability
  • Youth Empowerment

35.9% of Belle Glades' population live below the poverty line, which is higher than the national average of 14.7%. Additionally, Belle Glade has a graduation rate of 63.6%, compared to the 83.2% of students who gradate high school nationally . Because of the lack of resources, many people turn to crime to fulfill their needs. As of 2016, Belle Glade is only 3% percent safer than other cities across nation, which is a high number for a city whose population is approximately 19,000.

The community of Belle Glade is struggling to get resources so that their residents can thrive in this society. Howard University Alternative plans to tackle these issues through our initiative: dismantling social injustice through youth empowerment and self-sustainability. We aim to support the community through their struggles and provide resources to help families get back on their feet. ASB also seeks to impart insightful information to the youth in the community so that they can go into higher learning and eventually into a professional career.


Kelsey Mack
Kelsey Mack
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Major: Biology
Classification: Junior
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