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St. Maarten

Combating Poverty Through Education and Student Mentoring

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After Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane that sent winds of over 185 mph to demolish everything in its path, Dutch St. Maarten was left with more than 90% of its buildings destroyed. One of the island's major power plants suffered extensive damage as well and most of the area's inhabitants were left without food, water, power, and many other basic needs. Though the island's government has been doing what it can to provide for its citizens, Alternative Spring Break can contribute to these efforts.

75% of St. Maarten's inhabitants live below the poverty line. 22% of this population live in households that have no source of income and 43% of students never receive a secondary education. Lack of education perpetuates this cycle of poverty and leaves these households unable to develop ways in which to provide for their families. ASB St. Maarten wants to be instrumental in encouraging the education of students to combat poverty and break the cycle through student mentoring.


Cameron Leathers-Clayborne
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Major: Nursing
Classification: Junior
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