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Why We Serve


Alternative Spring Break is a service learning program designed to connect students with distressed communities and to explore the ethical and spiritual dimensions of leadership as it challenges students to discern how their unique gifts and skills can be used to address the problems of communities in need and the world at large.

  • Provide high quality care and education for young children; supporting and maintaining NAEYC standards and accreditation;
  • Stay abreast of the latest research in early education and child development and use current knowledge in classroom practices and teaching pedagogy;
  • Provide a learning laboratory for Howard University’s matriculating students, volunteers, faculty and educators in which to learn and develop the mind, the skills, the practices, and methodologies needed to work with and teach young children;
  • Strengthen our business of education, developing sound practices for sustainability and a successful future; and,
  • To be a partner in research and education with the greater Howard University community, local businesses and other educational entities.


Howard University Alternative Spring Break aims to expose students to concepts of social justice, urban education, and community development; to cultivate ethically responsible, socially aware leaders; to integrate vocational discernment and interfaith spiritual exploration into the development process; and to improve communities through direct outreach and long term impact.

Donate to ASB!

Our students need your support to continue serving. As you consider your giving options for the year, please consider helping us serve our underrepresented communities!