Youth Empowerment and Restoration

Although Albany, Georgia is known as “The Good Life City,” it has certainly faced some tribulations over the past decade. The city battled a 70-mile tornado in 2017 and was battered by hurricanes in both 2017 and 2018, resulting in $2 billion worth of damage. These natural disasters have hurt the farmers in this majority black city and exacerbated the poverty level, which now sits at 33%. Albany has struggled to bounce back from these disasters. To make matters worse, they also have been largely underserved and left to tackle these challenges alone. In addition to economic concerns, schools in the area have high school graduation rates as low as 80%. Former Albany Mayor, Dr. Willie Adams is quoted as saying, “The one common denominator that keeps people out of poverty is education,” ASB Albany hopes to help the city rebuild through our commitment to restoration. We will take charge to empower the youth through education, uplift the people of Albany and revitalize the integrity of “The Good Life City.”

  • Community Restoration
  • Youth Empowerment