Social Justice Tutoring Program


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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many primary and secondary school are making tough decisions to move their curriculums and teaching online. Simultaneously, Howard students are making the same tough decisions, most of whom have already registered for online coursework. Parents of primary and secondary students are having a tough time supplementing the academic rigors of the classrooms while homeschooling. The Social Justice Tutoring program seeks to fill this gap, by offering Howard University students the opportunity to work as Tutors and provide supplemental academic support to the children of Howard University facuilty, staff and students.

In addition to providing academic support to the standard curriculum of each student, Tutors will also intergrate social justice related topics into their lessons. We believe that this intergration will help student develop a more keen understanding of the world around them, and give them a space to ask questions related to topics such as police reform, mass incarceration, immigration reform, environmental protection, homelessness, and others. The social justice intergration will be based upon the comfortability of the parents/guardians, the prior knowledge of your child, and the topics that have been tailored by our program. Our approach is not-partisan, and discusses the issues in a broad and simple manner. 

The Office of the Dean of the Chapel believes that parents/guardians are a child’s first teacher. We are looking forward to this collaboration with you, and our Tutors where together we will be working to ensure your child’s academic success. 

This is a Unique Tutoring Opportunity


The SJT program is open to all students of Howard University faculty and staff (K-12th grade) regardless of race, religion, creed or socio-economic background.


To register your child for the SJT program a parent or guardian must complete the Tutor application form. Once the form is completed a Tutor will be assigned to your child, as they become available. You must submit a separate application for each child.


This program is provided at no cost to faculty, staff and students. At this time, this program is only available to members of the Howard University Community.

Subjects & Class Material

The SJTP's goal for families is to help your child improve their academic skills and to develop their cultural and social awareness through a social-justice-intergrated environment. Though Tutors may be asked to assist your child with homework, Tutors are not responsible for ensuring that a student’s homework is completed during the scheduled tutoring time. 

Days and Hours for Tutoring

Tutoring will occur when most convenient for the Tutor and your student, typically after the end of the traditional school day. Please understand that our Tutors are also students first and may have to reschedule sessions due to academic demands. We expect Tutors schedule regular, reoccurring times to tutor your child. 

Join the Social Justice Tutoring Program!

If you or your student are interested in participating in this unique tutoring experience, please complete the registration link below.