Gun Violence

“There is Baltimore city and then there is Baltimore” is the phrase someone might use when explaining and differentiating between parts of Baltimore, Maryland. No matter what part of Baltimore a person might find the best or worst; the city has the highest homicide rate in not only the stare but among the largest cities in the country. Along with the second highest crime rate overall. Police brutality plays a factor in the violence. For example, in 2015 a young black man by the name of Freddie Gray was killed in police custody. This traumatic event created an uproar in the city that led to riots that lasted for weeks. There were approximately two hundred people arrested, even young students were skipping school to be a part of the chaos and violence. With a graduation rate of eighty three percent and violence rates higher than ever before Baltimore is in need of much improvement. The Howard University Alternative Spring Break program is willing to take on the task of discussing with the youth about the negative effects of gang violence on the community and why higher education can help combat it. Through this we will change the negative narrative of Baltimore so when people do discuss Baltimore they are not just talking about the Ravens but the notable decrease in violence and the increase in graduation rates.

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  • Education
  • Youth Empowerment