Education and Community Empowerment

The City of Birmingham, Alabama is one of the most historic cities in the country. From its humble beginnings as an investment for wealthy businessmen to its spot as an industrial hub in the South, Birmingham has been in the forefront of America’s prosperity, but also a victim of America’s plagues. Birmingham is rated the 5th top worst city for violent crime by Forbes magazine. Birmingham also has a rampant homelessness dilemma, where at any given time, 2-3% of their population is homeless, most of which are black. The education system is no better, with six out of Birmingham's seven high schools consistently listed on Alabama’s failing schools list. The initiative for Birmingham is to “realign the city with its great history while combating miseducation and poverty.” This initiative will lend itself to building and restoring the education that is of African-Americans. This will be done through workshops, volunteer work at churches and museums, and educational courses at the local schools.

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