Milwaukee, WI

Education and Poverty

In a state where the poverty rate is 11.3 percent, Milwaukee’s poverty rate is well over the poverty line at 17.5 percent. Due to this poverty rate, many of the students in the city struggle academically. This sets Milwaukee below the benchmark of academic success. Over the past year, there has been a little increase in the success of students academically in Milwaukee Public School district, but we want to go to Milwaukee and make a drastic increase in the success of the students. With that being said, this spring break Howard University Alternative Spring Break will be going into Milwaukee for the first time to uplift youth through the deconstruction of poverty and the reconstruction of education. We will partner with different community organizations to tackle the different issues plaguing the city. Some of the organizations that we will partner with will be Milwaukee Public Schools, the YMCA, food pantries, and different community outreach programs. By the time we leave Milwaukee, we will have restored the hope and faith in the youth.

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