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Puerto Rico

Dismantling Poverty Through Education and Infrastructure Development

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In the United States, the highest poverty rate is Mississippi sitting at 22%. Puerto Rico doubles that of Mississippi, with a poverty rate of 45%. On the National Scale, 11% of the children in the United States live in poverty. When it comes to the children in Puerto Rico, 80% of them are living in poverty. Imagine what the percentage is now that Hurricane Maria has hit Puerto Rico. In addition to them living in poverty, the students are barely receiving a good education.

Howard University Alternative Spring Break will be going down to Puerto Rico to serve under the initiative: dismantling poverty through education and infrastructure development. During that week, prior problems plaguing Puerto Rico will be addressed, as well as hurricane restoration efforts. While there, students will be going to various site like the Boys and Girls Club to engage and comfort children and teens. Students will also help various companies with rebuilding. This trip will be a life changing experience.


Kyliah Hughes
Kyliah Hughes
Hometown: Freeport, Illinois
Major: Biology
Classification: Junior
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