Puerto Rico

Infrastructure development and Intentional healing

In 2017, Hurricane Maria took its toll on the grounds of Puerto Rico as it left a people already 50% below the poverty line with damaged homes, closed down hospitals, and even death as fatality tolls continue to climb from an original 64 to over 2,000 deaths recorded. Howard University students answered the call to serve last spring as they came down with the intent of dismantling poverty through education and infrastructural development. They accomplished this goal as they spent the week building up Puerto Rico and also making some intimate contact with people affected. The call to serve is still upon us. Much work is needed and this is evident as the island just received power in August 2018; almost a year after the storm. With bright smiles and willing hearts, Howard Students will return to Puerto Rico to continue setting the precedent of impactful service through infrastructural development and intentional healing.

  • Community Restoration