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Washington, D.C.

Community Building and Resource Redistribution

  • Community Restoration

In the city of DC this year, there have been two weekends in which over 5 people were shot and killed. As of late September, there were 115 murders, compared to the 116 in all of 2017. 56% of these murders occurred in Southeast, and 82% of all murders in 2018 occurred on the east side of the city. Also, 111 out of every 10,000 citizens is homeless, nearly six and a half times the national average. On any given night, 10% of these people are unsheltered-- sleeping on the streets. The common thread connecting a majority of those who are victimized, either by homelessness or gun violence? They’re black. Howard students? We are too.

In the formerly known Chocolate City, students from the Mecca will be working to mend relationships between our two communities and uplift our neighbors. Alternative Spring Break will be going to work right here at home, combatting food insecurity, homelessness, gun violence, and mass incarceration by focusing on community building and resource distribution.